World Friends Project, April 2012

World Friends Project is a collaboration of many people from around the world to create large Scratch animations expressing their friendship. The participants have expressed themselves as sprites moving around the world on the screen, and greet with each other when they meet.

This animation is a collaborative work by children in many places around the world, including Aichi, Kumamoto, Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, Petrola in Spain, Athens in Greece and Boston in the USA.

Some new sprites have been contributed fromn participants in the event "Sakura and World Museum Project" held in Boston Children's Museum on April 20, 6-8pm.

World Friends Project is a part of "World Museum Project", a world-wide network of people interested in collaborating to create something meaningful to everyone involved. For more information, please visit the World Museum Blog.

This work was created using Scratch. Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. See